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Designing a Tape 素子

Designing a Tape 素子

The method is similar ~ that used in designing a round wire element.


b Tape width (mm)
t Tape thickness (mm)


1.  To calculate the tape size and length required for a 600w/220v mica-wound element in a band heater, operating at a maximum temperature of 800°C, the ~tal resistance of the element at operating temperature (Rt) will be:

Designing a Tape 素子

2.  Using RW80 tape, the 温度 Resistance Fac~r (F) at 800°C is 1.051.  Thus, the ~tal resistance of the element at 20°C (R) will be:

Designing a Tape 素子

3.  Knowing the dimensions of the mica-board, the length of the tape that may be wound round it may be estimated.  Thus, the resistance required per metre of tape will be:

For example a length of tape of 7 metres –

Designing a Tape 素子

4.  A tape size of 1.1mm x 0.09mm has a resistance per metre of 11.10 ohms/m (see s~ck sizes) which is near ~ 10.97 ohms/m.

5.  To verify the actual tape length (L)

Designing a Tape 素子

A change in tape length may mean adding or subtracting turns (altering the pitch of the tape) ~ achieve the ~tal resistance value required.

6.  To verify the surface area loading (S):

Designing a Tape 素子

If your calculated surface area loading is ~o high or low (see table) you should re-calculate changing one or more of the following:

– The tape length and size

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